Alfred – babybot bulter (RCA /2017)

Service Design

Alfred – babybot bulter (RCA /2017)

Student Brief  – Imperial/RCA collaboration


Working with the Imperial MBA group we had to come up with a new service that had a potential to become a new start-up called the entrepreneurship journey.

First obstacle was  to find a topic of interest. After many debates, discussions and weeks of thought we settled on looking at the growing stay at home dad market, specifically looking at paternity leave. With the new legislations passed by Scandinavian countries and now the UK , Dads are now being forced to take longer and singular paternity leave. In this world that is designed for moms, mom blogs, mom vlogs, mom yoga, mom groups and apps we were wondering where would new dads fit in this scene? This led us to asking ourselves what dads want and need? We did many many interviews (around 30) , we changed our idea from dad groups hangouts (men were not interested) into dad coffee shops (weird idea) to our final insight. Dads really wanted to feel part of the team. They felt excluded and felt that all information was based on the mom and what women want. One guy Richard told us that he didn’t want to seem incompetent and that when he didn’t know something he used to phone his mom in the middle of the night feeding session and he found this really frustrating.

This led us to our solution call Alfred, the babybot butler. Alfred is an interactive chatbot that helps you with all things dad. It takes information from NHS and trusted midwives and delivers it in a new more techy gadgety way that our dads love. But understanding that as parents you know your baby best and babies are unique, Alfred allows you to add information to the bot so that it can become smarter and get to know you baby. We allow you to share this information with baby sitter and grandparents because bringing up a baby is a team sport. The app also includes information about your baby on a newsfeed and brings up new gadgets and baby items that you could buy through our amazon shop. We make use of memes, videos and content is brought to you by dads for dads so dads no longer feel isolated and can start to create their own new dad world.

Tutor: Imperial College, Bart Clarysse
Duration: Part-time 6 months
Bethan Mitchell, Mostafa Dawoud, Andy Lesz, Hazel Scrimgeour


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