Conferences & Talks – Social Impact Design (2019)

Service Design

Conferences & Talks – Social Impact Design (2019)

Design for Social Impact & development

UX Conference 2019 

I was privileged to speak about my greatest passion ‘Design for Social Impact and development’ at the UX conference 2019. 

“Social impact design, social design and design activism have become buzzwords in the contemporary designer’s education and practice. They attempt to imply that we are consciously thinking about the impact of imposed ‘Western’ design practise and embracing indigenous knowledge, culture and practices of local communities, organisations and governments to bring about ‘real’ social change to the most vulnerable communities. ‘Harmful or Helpful’, is social design just another form of NeoColonialism and Imperialism?”

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Service Design Network

Service Design Network opening 2019

I was approached to speak about Service Design and how we can use Service Design for positive change to our continent and communities. Through examples and challenegs I told a story of decolonisation of design and taking our own approach to the challeneges we face as designers in South Africa.



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