Royal Opera House – Experience Design (RCA/2017)

Service Design

Royal Opera House – Experience Design (RCA/2017)


Student Brief  – Term 3 (short client brief)

Royal opera House is opening up their spaces to the public and they wanted us to help them come up with some ideas on how to do this.

Through our research we found that opening these spaces during the day allows for a ‘new’ audience and target market to become a Royal Opera House enthusiast. Looking into Primary and Seconday Research and their research from ‘Populus’ we realised that there is a huge opportunity in bringing in the upcoming 65+ women into the doors. These women have time during the day but most importantly they are the access point to their children and grandchildren.

We also looked at their current brand offerings; they have soundcloud, facebook, Instagram, youtube channels, flickr, digital screens, newsletters, cinema events, online shops, partnerships with BBC, website ….. bars, restaurants, shops, foyers, magazines, billboards and the list continues. So, they have a lot going on but the message is fragmented. They are telling multiple stories on multiple channels. Our challenge was to orchestrate their already existing offerings and propose a new Design Strategy for Open up, but still create something that incorporates the spirit of the Royal Opera House without cheapening the experience.

We Designed Overture. Overture extends a performance to a full day experience online and offline. Using their already existing offerings we will help deliver the stories of the performances. This is so you can join and be part of your favourite story like Madam Butterfly without even buying a ticket, or create a day long experience of the Nutcracker with food options, cultural experience and kids events for everyone to enjoy – making ROH approachable for everyone but not losing the essence of culture and the arts that people already love.

Tutor: Gus Desbarates
Duration: 4 weeks
Alex Baer, Sue Lai, Hazel Scrimgeour


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